Small Animal Care

We also offer our pet sitting service to cover a variety of small critters. Whether it’s birds, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits or even fish, we have a wealth of experience in caring for animals of all shapes and sizes. We will ensure the highest level of care, keeping up with feeding and cleaning in line with their normal routine.

Small Animals & Fish Prices

This includes rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, hamsters, mice, ferrets, birds and fish. For small animals prices are charged by duration and number of visits, not per animal.

The following services are included in our day visits:

  • Fresh food and water change
  • Cleaning of the feeding bowls and area
  • Cuddles and play time with their favourite toys
  • Cleaning of cages, runs etc
  • The daily logging of your pet’s activities (so you can know what they’re up to!)
  • Collection of any post
  • Watering of any plants
  • Switching lights on and off if requested
  • Opening and closing of curtains and blinds
  • Taking out of any rubbish
  • The administering of oral medication

We also offer a nail clipping service for guinea pigs at an extra cost. Please request specifically if this is something you are interested in.

rabbit - holiday care
budgie - holiday care