Here at Pitchers Pet Carers, I am an advocate for natural pet care. To me this means species appropriate food, no over vaccinating, and having a keen interest in homeopathic and holistic treatments. Over time I will be sharing blogs and articles that are of importance to me, and that I believe contain very useful information that every pet owner should be aware of. Firstly, I’ll start off with the ins and outs of raw feeding.

Where It All Started

Around 5 years ago, when my beloved Rottweiler Sasha was still young, she was plagued with constant stomach issues. Always suffering from diarrhoea, she was far too skinny and no matter how many biscuits I poured into her she never gained any weight. After many, many vet visits and no answers and being told it was ‘just how she is’ I was left disappointed and a bit confused. That sparked my curiosity, there MUST be an answer to her problems. It dawned on me, maybe the problem was what I was feeding Sasha rather than her?


After a little research I came across something called BARF, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding. It recommended a diet consisting of raw meat, bone and offal in the correct ratio of 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other offal. So much information was suddenly available it was difficult to know what to and what not to believe. Was it dangerous? Could I be causing my dog more harm than good? Is it difficult to do? The resounding answer to those questions is NO! The more I read the more it made perfect sense to me. Dogs are carnivores, they have teeth and digestives systems that are designed to process raw meat and bones (those canines are there for a reason!). Although they have been domesticated over thousands of years, they really aren’t that far removed from their Wolf ancestors – just have a look at any wolf-hybrid dogs to see what I mean, and we all know wolves aren’t going to be tucking in to a bowl of brown biscuits every day.

The Results

After transitioning my dogs to a well balanced raw diet I saw nothing but improvements; I had better weight control, no more diarrhoea, glossy shiny coats, perfectly cleaned teeth to name just a few of the changes. Nowadays I wouldn’t dream of feeding my dogs and cat anything else. I’ve learnt a lot over the years and have adapted my animals diet for their own needs, it gives me all the control over what they are eating, and I know exactly what’s going into their dinners. No wheat, no grain and no nasty preservatives or E numbers. If you are interested in learning more here are a few useful articles to get you started:

If you would like to have a chat about what raw feeding could do for your pet, or even to get a better idea on dog nutrition, please feel free to get in touch. I am more than happy to discuss what I know and point you in the direction on where to start. Good luck with your raw fed journey!